Khumba Global Partners

KGP provides capital, consultancy and management support around corporate development, sales, and licensing across both a wide array of industries and a wide geographical territory. The goal is always the same: to bring immediate, meaningful and lasting performance improvement to any organization that we touch. KGP prides itself on its ability to deliver maximum enterprise value while minimizing work, distractions, and stress.

Bringing What We Know to Those That Matter

At the core of our business is an understanding that not all resources are equal and, as importantly, not all objectives are of the same value. KGP was born out of the belief that the focused application of resources and talent to specific goals and objectives is the most valuable use of energy. It's from this perspective that we engage with and serve our partners and clients worldwide.


KGP Services

By identifying strengths and leverage points, KGP helps companies organize their resources and accelerate performance through simplicity, focus and alignment


We love this stuff. At our core, we beleive in the extraordinary value of great corporate develop and are committed to supporting our partners though every type of corporate development transaction.



Our team of professionals has helped companies of all types and of all regions of the world grow into something special. From sales, to operations and finance support, we have the right resource for your management and executive team.

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